I naturally went looking for a Xiangqi program that I could use to learn and practice with. Setup for the problems involving a single piece. I also learned more about making them work together. Bill’s Meanderings Where my brain goes, I follow. Towards this end, I set up several mental problems involving the only four pieces that could cross the river: Xiexie Master can play a few pieces down, and also supports the Iron pawns rule. If I did not sequence the moves correctly, I risked trapping the Red General on f1 unable to move to f0, f2, or e1 but not yet attacked on f1.

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xiexie master Naturally the General is involved. My original intent was to learn how to mazter certain pieces together. By mental problems, I mean that I simply worked them out in my head over time. Evaluation bugs fixed Better opening book Search xiexie master improved: XieXie is able to run under Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium but with some minor graphics bugs.

The two Horse took some doing, and this variant is what drove home the stalemate issue more below.

XiangQi – XieXie

The first problems Xiexie master set myself were: Please return this file as an attachment to the publisher as per the email address provided within Xiexie Master, and they will unlock the product for you. When you click the link, the manual will open automatically. Xiexie Master features – Respects complex Chinese chess repetition rules. Late last year I was introduced to Chinese Chess.


You will have the option to save the manual to your hard disk, but if you do not do this, simply return to the Xiexie Master Download page at the trading centre, and start again. Yet, my familiarity with Western Chess caused me to have some problems playing. In the end, I wound up xiexie master and playing with three programs: Setup for the problems involving a single piece.

The Chariot was once again trivial, the Black General and Chariot easily trap the Red General against a corner in just a few moves.

Eventually I wanted one that I could study with as well. I find myself using XieXie Master the most.

Xiexie Master – Windows PC – Download

I like it, though. The About information from XieXie Master. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Please note that XieXie will run under such a system but needs more powerful hardware to play at full strength. The opening position of the piece between the two Generals was deliberate to give the Red General as much play as possible.


Xiexie master feel more comfortable teaching others to play now and giving stronger players than I a good game for their time.

I did set up one or two masetr XieXie Master to verify. Xiexie Master can play a few pieces down, and also supports the Iron pawns rule.

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My next set of mental problems was similar, but this time with only one of xiexie master four pieces able to cross the river. During this tournament, it was estimated that XieXie Master was an 8 Dan player, equivalent to Elo. Typical start setup for the two piece problems.

Recently, I maser studying the pieces in a couple of interesting, to me anyway, problems.

Xie Xie Master Xiangqi Software (Chinese Chess, Xiang Qi, Xiangqi, Chinese-Chess, Chinesechess)

Support of exotic chinese FEN notations so it can exchange positions with other chinese chesss programs. You can let Xiexie Master analyse your games, and it can show xiexie master correct and incorrect moves in any given position.

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