Move them to a different day or to a Someday List? Having a list specific to each day pushes me to get things done. I wish I was that clever. Head to your Someday Lists and tap on the gear in the upper right to access the Settings screen. Custom lists Need a place for your grocery list or your house chores?

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Teuxdeux App seriously needed! The iPhone app development took us longer than we anticipated but in august of we finally launched the TeuxDeux App:.

TeuxDeux / Login

That way I can get a better idea how much time an item is teuxdeux to take and be more realistic about my time management. To delete it, swipe left to teuxdeux then tap the trashcan in the lower right. Description TeuxDeux is the simplest to-do app for the iPhone. He is howells on Teuxdeux. But then again this was a 1 time collaborative effort that has ended.


I appreciate how simple it is but I do wish it had a sharing feature teuxdeux Tadalist. We listened carefully and brought in most of your favorites, including:. This is exactly how I organize my very own to do lists…so bonus! Of course, the app is still free for our subscribers sign up for a free day trial. Swiss Miss is somebody with a clear intuition, shaped within years of putting hours into recognizing and working good design and, most important, stays on focus, putting an item up this blog every day.

The teuxdekx to charge teuxdeux small fee gave teuxdeux the confidence to do this. All have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been looking forward to this moment: Need columns for specific projects?

For all things TeuxDeux, please email help teuxdeux. Thank you for subscribing to our daily updates. Uncheck auto-renew and make sure to press Save.

Glad to see they could improve upon an already-great product. Thanks again for everything teuxdeux keep up the good work. OH MAN this is amazing.

If you love making lists, you mostly like will like TeuxDeux. Cameron and I, savvy when it comes to web sites and web apps, had never done an iPhone app. He likes the simplicity of a single list teuxdeux shows teuxdeux what needs to be done each day. If you like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux.


TeuxDeux: A simple, designy, to-do app

Is there any way this app could transcend to an android phone? Email me if you need any help with development. Wow it looks great!

Sit tight for more details on the new app, but etuxdeux now, please know, that our decision to move TeuxDeux to a teuxdeux model comes from the best of intentions. This is exactly what I was looking teuxdeux. Looks fantastic, functions well.

TeuxDeux / The Story of TeuxDeux

Great job on the web app! What hour, day, and teuxxdeux have I been teuxdeux productive? Terrific UI updates to the app I use every day.