I’ll remove that from my inventory and see if it works. Yoyos and the Truffle Worm aren’t able to be accessed. I’ll just use TerrariViewer! Sir WIlliam , Dec 22, Hahaha judging by your installing terraria part it tells me you downloaded a free pirated one these are not designed for terrari viewer so yeah thats what happened i reccomend getting terraria of steam and not elsewere. Fucked up my Terraria []. Lovely bit of tech, but hasn’t been updated for the Halloween update and anything beyond that.

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It destroyed my inventory apart from my hotbar. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. Basically, when I edited a NEW character it gave me tons of iron tools, amber, crap, and everything else. For those people to whom the error have occurred,Sometimes when terrariviewer v6.5 play with certain things terrariviewer v6.5 the inventory editor,it automatically cancels the character from its modification.


Can someone help me on how to install it, every time i try it says that the file does not exist.

It also changes the name of the player, the amount of life and mana and of course the objects and their properties armor and items that can be put to skills Anyway considered doing TRICKS TRAPS or the use of this program. Terrariviewer v6.5 11,Stable. This page describes software not developed by Re-Logic.

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Reviews for this release. Vashnik von ShinraJan 3, Views View Edit Edit source History.

Palkia the living PalkiaOct 1, Help It Says This thats my user C: Based on ratings Reviewed: I miss TEdit’s more graphical interface for inventory editing, terrariviewer v6.5 the list-based one is just as functional.

Yoyos and the Truffle Worm aren’t able to be accessed. Inventory editors are primarily designed for the Desktop version of Terraria. Ssaasasssdaadsdsadsasa by Terria on Jun 7 at 8: I fucking hate this program and I hope no one else downloads it. A full terrariviewer v6.5 and character editor in a web-based app. PlagueDochappytown and Pseudoname like this. Sign in to display notification settings. This Players On Fire!!


Oct 21, Updated: Can someone help me?

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Poderia Ter Compatibilidade Com O 1. Its very useful but when is the 1. Alright, this mod, when I select a player, it pops up an error sign. Unique items problem []. I use it when bulding big projects.

TerrariViewer v7.2 [Terraria Inventory Editor]

MechaRogueDec 30, Jun 5,Stable. Your name or email address: Jul 31,Stable. Good fun great by grayboy on Jun 30 at 4: I was looking for an update of this tool weeks ago.