We have to be very precise when we use the word prana, because it has two aspects – cosmic and individual. Mind, life force and spirit combined constitute the human being. The ancient rishis and yogis who had contacted deeper layers of the mind through meditation perceived the sounds of subtler vibrations. To arouse the faculties of swadhisthana, the swara yogi practices trataka on the yantra of the water element, but gazing at the crescent moon at night is also effective. In order to avoid short-circuiting of these lines there is a third channel, sushumna , which functions as an earth wire, being rooted in mooladhara chakra, when it is in its dormant state.

shiva swarodaya book

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shiva swarodaya book

Photographing the vital energy Modern science has come across an important discovery which seems to have shown that the energy in the body emits an aura of light. But this usually occurs only during the period of changeover for a couple of minutes.

A comment swarofaya translation termed as Swarodaja yoga has nook made by Satyananda Saraswati in [1] It is also termed “Phonetical astrology”: You have to know about the movement of prana in the body and its swaroodaya with the mind. In he renounced his mission, adopting kshetra sannyasa, and now lives as a paramahamsa sannyasin.

In fact, it has been reported that the nerves in the nasal mucosa are shivz with the visceral, excretory and reproductive organs. While concentrating on sushumna, three other nadis which lie within the inner walls of sushumna are also brought into operation.


Symbolically, mooladhara is represented by a four- petalled red lotus. So science has zhiva to the conclusion that every existing thing is a composite structure of energy and matter.

This creates a general state of relaxation in the superficial muscles, thus lowering the outer body temperature. As far as medical science is concerned, it is connected with the purely organic function of the respiratory system.

The mind and emotions also utilize prana and the pranic body is greatly influenced by states of mind. Neurologists have shown that the pains and pleasures we experience in each state are just the play of the brain chemistry, so how can we say which level of experience is reality? By testing 15 people with this equipment the Kirlians have found that every living being has an aura.

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In fact, swara yoga says that by concentrating on the pranic flow, one can experience the existence swarodxya supreme consciousness. Dr Hiroshi Motoyama has found stable voltages of electromagnetic currents flowing within close proximity to the nervous system.

shiva swarodaya book

One must change mode of breathing suitably at the time of initiating specific desired activity. They influence the nervous system, rate of respiration, digestion and regulation of the endocrine system8 which in turn influences the way we think and respond to certain situations in life. Investigations show that the atmosphere is charged with electromagnetic energy which is vital to the preservation of life. The field is thus in a state of constant motion, and yet as a whole it is not moving anywhere.

Samana is the ‘middle breath’ located between the heart and the navel, and its main function is assimilating prana. In its primordial state consciousness is united with prana like water and salt in the ocean.


This is sushupti, described in the Manduk- yopanishad as the realm of “dreamless sleep, lying beyond desire in the territory of intuition”, v.

But when we can experience the subconscious area of the mind with awareness, then the sounds manifesting in that realm also become audible.

Just as prana exists in cosmic swarodayz individual states, so does consciousness. The Nose 22 5. Prana Sadhana 79 Mool means root and adhara place. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Breathing goes deeper than the Lungs What is the significance of the flow of each swara and why does it change?

The first stage of swara yoga awakens your awareness of pranamaya kosha, the direct link between mind and body, annamaya and manomaya kosha, and takes you into the subtler reams of existence.

When you are walking, talking, urinating or eating, it is physical action.

Shiva Swarodaya / Swara Yoga – Wikipedia

According to one’s mental and emotional responses, the aura expands or contracts. Swaroeaya person found this helpful. Before entering the transcendental state, they heard the sound of the outgoing and ingoing breath, the sound of Ham-So-Ham-So-Ham. Vishuddhi In the cervical plexus is vishuddhi.

It is within all this, and it is outside all this.