Furthermore, the AI all has the same item build. You need to attack him using your Shadowrazes or your ultimate spell. Team Play – You know what it does.. It feels very simple at its current stage, but it does not mean it does not offer interesting PvP action. When I bought the dagger, I could just rush in, kill someone with critical HP and escape, all that in a few seconds, too few seconds

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SclammerzJun 16, Duration decreased from 8 to 4 secs Damage per second increased from 10 per second to 20 per second – XL Shadowraze: Result SF War v1. Feb 17, Messages: The AI was fun to play with and well made but they really like to take the middle path for some reason. shadowrqze

Shadowraze Wars Download | Warcraft 3 Maps | WC3 Map Direct Download

Shadow FuryJun 17, Same goes for the other items. I bet you will get addicted once you play this awesome map! A little concern is using river rushes and cattails around the trees. No, create an account now. Also try to add more variety of useful items to the shops and maybe some upgrades or some sort.


You could make it somewhere like or and such or you could increase the gold earnings. Get Updates via Email! It is quite challenging since you need to master the 3 Razes to kill others yet this could get quite repetitive. A lot of maps do not feature consumables to increase the tension factor.

If possible I will release v1. Additionally, wsrs lack of consumable items like potions, scrolls shadowraze wars ai such was really dreadful. When I bought the dagger, I could just rush in, kill someone with critical HP and escape, shadowraze wars ai that in a few seconds, too few seconds The neutral creeps places were kinda strange some neutral shaxowraze are on the middle of the roads maybe you could place them on edges or corners but not a big deal anyway but it is much better.

I just advance to their destination and I kill them everytime. The Portable Buildings need your attention, so come along and shadowraze wars ai a blast!

Thanks, I’ll update it ASAP, bout the terrain, shadowrazs yeah it boring, ill add some decore and the entrance, I suffer that too got blocked, they sucking block the way lol, Ill change it then add more items.

Shadowraze Wars AI – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

However, the gameplay does not offer a lot of varieties that may hinder players from playing your map again after playing a few times, thus its repetitive. You are to make a Cinematic modern sound-track for this contest, so come and compete with other people for fun. Shadow FuryJun 19, Furthermore, I also noticed that the game never ends. The 30th edition of the Modeling Contest is finally up! Shadowraze wars ai shadoeraze, Messages: Don’t worry, They are also in this map for shadowraze wars ai ware.


Maybe make them “wander” a bit throughout the map eh? Is there a way to have your shafowraze hotkeys for razes? JC HelasNov 8, You need to attack him using your Shadowrazes or your ultimate spell.

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ArdenianJun 19, I would like to say my opinions too. Shadowraez more usable items, new features to spice out the map. Tiles variation is good though and over all I think you need to put more variation of environmental doodads such as rocks, flowers and etc.