WinFF converts much faster-though not as broad a selection as this program. Now also includes custom resizing possibility where appropriate and thumbnails capture. All In One Video Converters. Another thing is that there are two Ask. Almost like it timed out, even though this is a freeware app. Quick Media Converter video tutorials.

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Frame rate The frame rate of the original video should be maintained without re-sampling.

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The interface is very strange and could be made a lot easier. Expert mode Expert Mode 1-v has been reviewed almost totally and now includes more possibilities. QMC Download 32 bits. WinFF converts much faster-though not as broad a selection as this program.

Quick Media Converter HD

We rarely support expert mode as by essence if convverter use it quick media converter hd are considered as an expert user and suposedly know what you are doing. Conversion for video game consoles: The site is no help bc it is in french and directs you to find “quick media converter” to uninstall.

It also he audio to MP3 or WAV in a single step – the default MP3 bit rate seems to be k – but under Expert Mode one can set that to any other rate but must set the codec to libmp3lame.

But the video quality was entacked and no audio sync issues at all. Click to enlarge screenshot. Youtube converter recommended audio and video resolutions in HD -Ogg support for Html5 web video covnerter of of FFmpeg version quick media converter hd bits bits and easy installation recognition Os system x x64 -Video Resolution Recommended: I am aware I can opt out at any time.


We encourage our users to share their profiles or command lineswith others on our forum in the expert mode section. Failed to convert swf to gif.

But for what I needed, it was great while it loaded. Quick MediaConverter is a free, very powerful and complete universal video and audio conveeter tool.

Quick Media Converter Version History – VideoHelp

Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by sections. Quick Media converter not only allows you to convert clips you downloaded from Youtube but also allows you to easily prepare and upload to Youtube ,according to their standards, your HD High Definition videos. New Languages thanks for paying them a visit to the translators websites: Has its own multi format media player Integrated media player needs external codec pack to work properly Based on FFmpeg open source code command line program.

In the Easy Mode sometimes the default video bit-rate can be a bit low – especially if one chooses to custom set a larger frame-size over the quick media converter hd small frame-size – I look at the original file info then set the same bit-rate for the same frame-size – this needs using the expert mode – watch out for the default frame-rate offered to save MOV at 25fps – set it to Our experience on the Web has showed us that many users were lost when they had to deal with video and audio conversion, many of the applications available to them, were most of the time, too complicated, too slow, too limited and too costly.


New Languages thanks for paying a visit to the translators websites: We will leave this as a beta test for about 15 days just to make sure you guys may point out to us the different bugs that may still be present despite our thorow testing and report them to us.

Otherwise I do really like QMC. Easy Mode is very easy – Expert Mode seems less intuitive and mostly I have to do research to find out quick media converter hd to use it properly there doesn’t seem to be any documentation for the Expert Mode – but once I know how, it is very flexible and powerful.

WinXP Ease of use: For all users includes standard conversions settings to allow users to convert quickly without having any particular skills.

It works only on bit Windows. Capture thumbnails when needed. I like this a lot – can convert just about any of my common video files to any other format.

Cocoon Software – Quick Media Converter

Easy mode in action. Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! It was never installed but all that other crap was and its so hard to remove. Review by vidalien on Apr 10, Version: