Each phase leg of the MMC consisting of 10 half-bridges has its own slave controller and is simulated on a separate RT Box. Legal Information Privacy Policy. Legal Information Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The user can choose between variable-step and fixed-step solvers. Sampled Data Systems The simulation engine allows the user to model sampled data systems, i.

plecs software

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P July 27, Most circuit simulation programs model switches as highly nonlinear elements.

plecs software

In other cases, it is represented by a sophisticated semiconductor model. The fourth box at the top simulates the xoftware filters and the grid. The concept of integration into Simulink has the advantage that only the part of the system in which electrical units are of interest needs to be modeled as an electrical circuit.

plecs software

With the comprehensive block library, PLECS Standalone offers a cost-effective yet powerful solution for dynamic system simulation in general.

Electronic circuit sottware Simulation software Power electronics. Secondly, to handle discontinuities at the switching instants, only two integration steps are required one for before the instant, and one after. The simulation of all non-electrical parts such as controls and mechanics should be done in Simulink.


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In the most simple case a switch is modeled as a variable resistance that changes between a very small and ples very large value. Here, it is more appropriate to use ideal switches that toggle instantaneously between a closed and an open circuit. Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Views Read Edit View history. When simulating complex power electronic systemshowever, the processes during switching are of little interest.

plecs software

Due to steep voltage and current transientsthe simulation becomes slow when switches are toggled. The arrangement above is used for real-time simulation of a grid-connected modular multi-level converter MMC with four interconnected RT Boxes. Legal Information Privacy Policy. Users can model systems that are sampled periodically or at variable intervals, systems containing blocks with different sample rates, and systems that mix continuous and discrete blocks.

Therefore, Simulink is also a convenient tool for the design of closed loop controlled electrical systems.

PLECS Standalone

Legal Information Privacy Policy. At Simulink block level the circuit is represented as a subsystem, so the user can build controls and other non-electrical elements around it and take full advantage of the Simulink environment and its toolboxes. The program Simulink is ideally suited for the simulation of controls.

It is available in two editions: The controls are implemented on four C microcontrollers, which are connected to the front of each RT Box via LaunchPad Interface boards.


The RT Boxes are interconnected via high-speed serial links on the back to exchange simulation data and synchronize the simulation step. Dynamic Subsystem Masks PLECS now lets you create dynamic mask icons for masked subsystems that change their appearance depending on parameter settings. You can also create dynamic dialogs by disabling or hiding a parameter or changing its value depending on the value of another parameter. Sampled Data Systems The simulation engine allows the user to model sampled data systems, i.

Intel compatible processor with SSE2 resp. What’s new in Version 4. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved June 8, The new auto-connection feature lets you quickly create connections between two or more components. MATLAB can be employed to sftware circuit parameters and to post process and visualize the simulation results. The user can simply enter a circuit as a schematic of electrical components.