Having said that, how did the Monterrey crowd respond to your music when you appeared there in September? It’s not like he’s pushing her as the next Selena. I started when I was 13 years old, as a dishwasher. I’m 32 years old, and I started doing this when I was about And it just proves that there was a lot of good material on there.

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More by Pete Astudillo

Maybe it’s because you and your band don’t seem to be hyped as much as some of the other groups. It didn’t happen with Selena for a long time and Selena had a lot of talent as coml little girl. I own the song; I’m the publisher of the song.

The beats are different. I think we’re going to see more live instruments.

Como Te Extra├▒o

It’s not like he’s pushing her as the next Selena. So I think it’s a real shame when you’re a Mexican and you can’t even speak your own language. We don’t have asfudillo pile of songs that A. And it feels good in the sense that a lot of people are in the same situation we are and that song has brought them some kind of relief and helped them out.

I think that would be a really big achievement on my side. Cmo it just took me back to that moment exyrano. There aren’t that many songs that have been pete astudillo como te extrano outside Selena and myself.


But I don’t consider myself one of the big bands–I’m somewhere in between, so for an album to have that kind of longevity was really good. I had a very normal life.

She’s a little girl. Then I was prep awtudillo, cook, waiter, manager, you name it, I did it. And we didn’t want to talk about death, either. And as far as that’s concerned, we’re one of the hardest working bands out there, on the road 50 weeks a year.

If you listened to a Tejano cumbia and a Monterrey cumbia, how could you tell which was which without knowing extraho the artists were?

So I thought maybe I could tell my instructors the situation I’m in, that I’d really like to finish college. Then I came back to Texas, and I went to college for two more pte, and that’s when I got my chance to join the Dinos, in I went to college. If something’s grooving, you can feel it right away.

Chris Perez – Thoughts (circa. )

I think I’m in better shape and I don’t think I even look I’ve gotten calls from a lot of people who want me to write for them. I have yet to see that. We really are a low-key band and I don’t know what it’s due to. I regret it in the sense that I’m a firm believer in education and that was asfudillo of my goals and I didn’t get to achieve it. When I tell my kids to go to college, I’d like to say, “Check it out, I did it, and you can do it too.


I have my bus here in Laredo and several of my roadies and my brother live here and we’ll meet up in Corpus or in San Antonio because my band members live in sstudillo areas. Or people call me up and say “I had pete astudillo como te extrano bitter divorce but I still love him and that song makes me think of him. Do you ever listen to your CDs after they come out? We know who’s petee and who’s not, and who’s charging what. When you’re used to being on the road as many hours as we are, a two-hour drive is nothing.

And we learned it from them. But it’s nothing like that at all.