Hi Serene, i was wondering if u could hav some working links for us to download BMS songs for o2mania. Hey, thanks alot for the guides to download the o2mania and song packs. If you are interested, maybe u can visit my website at http: Can you explain what did you do 1st? Also, if you are interested, Pump Haven forums have a free O2Jam server all songs unlocked, etc.

o2mania english 1.2

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In order to play the song, you need to download both the OJM and OJN and put them on the same folder where your other songs are.

Rey Victor Mendillo: O2Mania English Version The O2Jam’s Offline Version

Thnx for the packs…btw…i cant seem to download pack 12? If it works, how can i do it?

I can create mp3 from o2jam files!!! Aside from the indogames site. Ever since O2 went down, my hands started to get itchy since. The 26 packs or 22 packs?

o2mania english 1.2

I came across Englis in english version while searching for places to download O2Mania. I hope you post the full music patch. You are really awesome!!


My problem is that I cannot open these songs and I cannot play them. How do i know em?

O2mania english download : Offline

Do you know a site where I can download it, or can you upload it? Not downloading any of that type, u cant play. Any request song post it…sunday night im gonna be back. How do you explain that and how to fix it?

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And then Shareboo it. Can I play o2mania even without internet? No one says they cant play with their original songs? A frensh site about O2mania http: Serene can u tell ur email again plox?

Offline o2mania game o2mania offline free 02mania english version Free 02 mania free game 02 jam mania free ehglish offline free full version Version 02 mania o2maina free o2jam offline game 02mania songs free Free o2mania english 1.

o2mania english 1.2

O The person who emailed 1., from Japan? I think Bride in Dream is in song pack Oh well…… can you upload the newest songs? O Why do you have that kind of restriction?


I hope u could update until pack26…haha. Just PM me if you read about this post and you have a question to ask. Thank you for your efforts though. I downloaded o2mania 2 years from now too. Free 02mania skins free o2mania offline song o2mania offline free english version Free 02 mania free game o2mania free 02jam offline free.

O2Jam/O2Mania Songs Pack

I downloaded the RAR thing successfully but for some reason after I put in the folder then click refresh songs wont show o2manix at all. I tried to refresh but still nothing comes out. When i click onto the o2mania icon. Just double click O2mania. Think the reason why ur o2mania is hanging a lil is because maybe u have too many processes running, which causes all applications to hang.