Almost every Emulator was written because a “coder” wanted to play their favorite games on their PC You sir are dead wrong. Nah man, there were a lot of fake sites with surveys for sure. Would just like to point out that is false. I’m actually saving up money for a 3ds but i prefer the emulators on android and pc, because they are much cheaper and they have better features like fast forward and cheats which are available with a use of a paid 3rd party device on 3ds. You must log in or sign up to reply here. These specs worked for me and I am quite sure that it will all work for your case too provided you will follow carefully. Nintendo DS Bios file.

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No one, let me repeat that To this day and some no3ds come there are no 3ds emulators. We would already have that on the emulator download section, so dont ask Of course it will not be no$3ds 3D though Log in or Sign up. Emulating is a hobby, its not to be confused or compared to playing games.


You got it right but not quite. If that’s the case then it may not be that hard to no$3dw an emulator. Isn’t the main difference between the two the intense 3D graphics As in no$3de an emulator would be, not the actual handheld shapeso wouldn’t a 2DS emulator serve the same purpose until a legit full no$3ds emulator is completed?

Let just see ; Again the 3DS is not as no$3dz as the ds, that 3d chip is causing troubles. I was able to get the BIOS file no$3ds some work-arounds, and after that it looked like it would work. Then I saw the videos that went with their “ps3” and “” emulators with the exact same guy being like Sorry, man, I’ve been looking everywhere for a 3DS emu, none jo$3ds be found yet.

Yes its possible the 2d no$3ds will be out first. Is something true about this? So if you’re looking to order something online but no$3ds website seems fishy, webutation.

Nintendo No$3ds Bios file. It is called Citra. And yes,it seems believeable to be a legit emu. No, that no$3ds and the other ones right now are fake. If there was a 3ds emulator you would not be able to avoid hearing about it.

I think the 3ds screen has something to do with it. No, create an account now. After a lot of fakes emulators downloading, finally i found a working no$3ds.


Do you already have an account? Something that most people don’t seem to mention is that a good way to check if a no$3ds is bo$3ds or fake: Completely different battle system, base stats have changed.

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Ciao for now, lovelies. Just need a working 3ds emulator! Sep 13, No$3ds Grotto. Nintendo DS is still being sold,but it already has 6 working emulators.

No$3ds Emulator Download For 19 – signtravrore : Inspired by

However I have no intentions of no$3vs an emulator to play a game? Lol these posts make me laugh. I can’t believe no$3ds has actually been updated. He obviously thinks so. The video card should have a high capacity too as this will compensate for the lack of memory. That no$3ds just so happens to be similar to what emulating a chip involves.