This will create project under current workspace and also copy relevant files for the project. You may be prompted with New Products Discovered , so select all and click on Finish. Press ‘y’ to verify pass, ‘r’ to blink again, or any other character to indicate failure: To get log message to print on console add this variable to hello. Interrutp count Bucket 1.

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The Jailhouse allows to start such applications see above. The generated CCS project contains source file main.

Multi Flash Kit By Core 2 V Download – PSP For Addicts

The measurements shown below over a million interrupts clearly shows the interference, and captures the upper bound at 8. The overall requirement is discover all parameters automatically without user input, and to minimize the amount of code that must be customized between TI-RTOS and Linux.

The key functions in this unit test include: There are additional instructions for configuring groups, etc. Your project should show up on Project Explorer window. Code Composer Studio to load and run the demo. The configuration file is reworked copy of the original RTOS application configuration file. The system block diagram below shows the structure of the demo.


In coge article, we take a look at creating bare-metal hello world examples for Cortex A15 core using pre-built templates in CCS. If the example does not load correctly in the first multi flash kit by core 2 v.9.3.12, reload and ensure ARM core starts at main. The make file in the root director of the audio-starterkit can be used to build the entire package. The second for UART9, using of which requires some board modifications.

This is not to time the performance of the barrier, but is oit used to time how long all threads together take to complete. How to Build the Benchmarks 9.

Interrutp count Bucket 3. The way the clocks are set up differs depending on the environment setup. Linux kernel has to reserve some memory for jailhouse hypervisor and for inmate. Let us take a look at both these approaches. This demo runs on: This version doubles iteration count until execution time is about 10M timer ticks.

Multi flash kit by core-2 v 9.3.12

The sequence is described in words here to sort of walk through the main application code. Developers can use multi flash kit by core 2 v.9.3.12 approach based on their familiarity with the chosen build environment.


Therefore the ported application shall use only limited memory. CCS is required to load the binaries and run the demo. Other cells borrow CPUs and devices from the root cell as they are created. Every time you start the binary, it starts from the beginning. Then the host receives back the remaining returned messages before shutting down. Procedure to check two-way communication between the slave inmate and the master station:.

Please note the reserved carve-out in the DSP resource table. To get log message to print on console add this variable to hello.

You also need to replace the nosys library in linker with rdimon which is the Semi-Hosting enabled BSP library. As any other inmate it has to be run in a cell, created with appropriate cell configuration. The initialization of the GIC controller is done by hypervisor.