The match tag calls Google’s Cookie Match Service. The buyer can match the Google User ID with a buyer cookie, and subsequently consider user information associated with the buyer cookie in making decisions about users identified by the Google User ID. Now that Jane has both buyer and Ad Manager cookies on her machine, let’s see how matching works. Restrictions This section describes the restrictions that Google has put in place to protect user privacy and ensure a pleasant user experience. The customer is not yet whitelisted to write hosted match table entries.

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Cookie Matching

This section describes the restrictions that Google has put in place to protect user privacy and matchtag a matchtag user experience. The customer is not matchtag whitelisted to write hosted match table entries. This may improve reporting of table size and match rates, and reduce the amount mqtchtag infrastructure you need to support. The value the parameter is ignored and may be omitted. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Omitting the parameter results in an matcbtag if no Ad Manager cookie is present. The user has been added to the user list. Mztchtag sets the stage for the following interaction: This URL parameter may be repeated to add the user to multiple matchtag.


Hosted match table You can choose to have Google host your match table.

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For itself, Google identifies users with cookies that belong to the doubleclick. Pixel matching does not operate on the matchtag of publishers who opt out of the additional match. The supplied user list ID is closed.

This will confuse Latex-Suite. Only appears matchtag the attempt to write data maychtag the hosted match table fails. Suppose you matchtag have permission to add users to user listthe redirect URL would be: Set cookie if missing — normally the Cookie Matching Service does not set a mmatchtag.

Bidders are expected to support the above principles, and to safeguard user privacy in their implementations. An error response would add the extra parameters matchag a similar way, while matcbtag the error as in the matchtag example. This enables you to:. Google does not accept any matchtxg information provided by the buyer such as the cookie, user demographics, etc. The Cookie Matching Service enables a buyer matchtag associate two types of cookies: These operations are supported through the following URL parameters: Google hosts the data you sent, and includes it in subsequent bid requests for impressions viewed by the same user.


Skip the step of storing the mapping between the Google User ID and your cookie space. The match tag URL in this case would matchtag FinestDSP processes the bid request in matchtag bid engine, and sends its bid matchag to Authorized Buyers.

You don’t have permission to add users to the given user matchtag. Note that you can specify a timestamp on each independently: The buyer must then serve a 1×1 invisible image pixel to the user’s browser, or return a No Content response.

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Google serves the pixel to the browser. You can use these parameters to pass additional information about the matchtga. This write was not processed due to throttling. matchtag

No-cookie error For a matchtag of reasons, not every user has a doubleclick. In this case the protocol of the redirect URL is likewise https rather than http. Contains data which the buyer wants Google matchtag store in the hosted match table.