As stated earlier, a good portion of the marketing methods illustrated throughout the book are age-old and proven marketing strategies such as throwing a famous face or name on a product to create a “Just like Mike” sentiment. Is this manipulation, or giving consumers what they want? And, of course, any American parent can attest to the power brands like McDonalds wield over children. This is a fascinating tale of how companies brand their products and celebrities brand themselves and how we consumers fall hook, line and sinker for their psychological marketing tricks. Levitt is the best-selling author of Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics and a professor of economics at the University of Chicago.

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Hi Roger, you have a point: Although this book provided a decent amount of food for thought, that food unfortunately came spiced up so much so as to make it barely edible branndwashed to lindsgrom me wonder if all that spice was to mask some subpar brandwashee underneath it all. For example, when—in one of his outbursts of paranoia that seems common for this book—he tries to scare his readers into thinking that their every movement is constantly being traced and monitored and analyzed, he points to the iPhone and iPad as storing location data in a file that is automatically copied onto the hard drive of any computer synced to the device.

What Millions do Online and Why it Matters. Think about the mobile app Foursquare, for example — people earn badges, become mayors of locations, and so on, all lindstroom which can lead to a near-addictive obsession with using the product. He’d rather people go to the bank for their banking, the hardware store for their tools, the grocery store for food, and the barber shop for their haircut. It is extremely difficult to live martin lindstrom brandwashed a developed country and avoid branding.

Written in an engaging, almost conspiratorial style, you can almost feel the author martin lindstrom brandwashed you in the ribs as he reveals the tricks used to ensnare us.


Learn more about Amazon Prime. Aug 25, Cullen Haynes rated it it was amazing. Ads targer specific audiences. I’m spreading the word about the books I read, thereby endorsing them and unwittingly pressuring my peers to read the books I enjoy! But the research he cites only Don’t read this book. I wouldn’t be surprised if most martin lindstrom brandwashed finish the book asking the same “gullible vs. Maybe I’m out of touch with what people will actually believe today if they have it hammered in for hours a day.

On the right, as you walk in. In fact, those salads actually sell more fries — see Dietary Decoys. Overall, this book was an interesting read, but it’s a little frustrating, because knowing the techniques marketers and advertisers use doesn’t make you any less susceptible to them.

Here he takes us behind the scenes to show the reader how companies use MRIs to figure out the areas in the brain martin lindstrom brandwashed they want their marketing to hit. Discover the tricks, strategies and manipulations that businesses, advertisers and retailers across the world lindsstrom to engineer human desire and compel consumers mattin open their wallets, with this insider’s-view. Some are sneeky, some are essentially lies – but they all move the soul to buy – buy – buy.

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One thing I really like about the book is that for just about all of the points he makes, Lindstrom provides references to relevant martin lindstrom brandwashed or additional reading. The surge of commonly known junk food suddenly being marketed as “healthy” because the word “fiber” or “whole grain” has been added to the front of the box made me think how brxndwashed times I had been duped into thinking I was making a healthy choice even though no change in the taste should have been an obvious clue.


Brilliant website you have here Roger. Aman Basanti Age of Marketing says 7 years ago. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I stopped reading martin lindstrom brandwashed book about two chapters in because it seemed to be full of hooey.

Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom

The author states that people are more likely to make a “green” purchase in the store where people can see them, and less likely to do so online, where they are unseen. It was very interesting and educational.

Showing of reviews. What he reveals about particular brands and the “symbolics” they use Whole Foods’ positioning of flowers at the entrance of every store attempts to communicate freshness through martin lindstrom brandwashed smell and visuals, making the consumer believe the produce is fresher despite the water they use to freshen it causes it to rot faster as well as the fish at the end of that aisle is pretty interesting and enlightening.


To him, a grocery store which sees demand for a ilndstrom exchange and offers this service is clearly sinister. Ditch martin lindstrom brandwashed cell phone! What he reveals about particular brands and the “symbolics” they use Whole Foods’ positioning of flowers at the entrance of every martin lindstrom brandwashed attempts to communicate freshness through the smell and visuals, making the consumer believe the produce is fresher desp Not a lot new here — Lindstrom focuses on the general strategies sex sells, people brabdwashed social isolation, peer pressure is powerful marketers and advertisers rely on as they craft their strategies to sell products to the average consumer.

Brandwaehed the marketers he describes, Lindstrom has created a book that will grab your brain and keep you hooked until you finish it.