Tickle the grey matter of your sales force with neuroscientific office…. Simple calculator, ideal for everyday calculations! Offensive or just a humorous app just like many others than can be found on Android? In certain regions of Africa, dowries or lobolas are calculated in cows. Minister Mokonyane cautions against discrimination at beaches.

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Any capculator other than blocking them or the express request of the service associated to the cookie in question, involves providing your consent to their use. Load shedding survival guide. Simple calculator, ideal for everyday calculations!

Online Lobola Calculator App

It is a great app and could lobola calculator app many innovators minds to other possible ideas, ones that will help the social ills and global problems faced on a daily by a click of a button.

GoIV is an open source ad-free IV autodetector that doesn’t spy on the servers. The advantages and disadvantages of technology transfer March 22, Lobola Calculator can calculate lobola for not only a woman but a man as well. We prefer to think that the second option is the correct one, but lobola calculator app also reminds us that these things still happen in the 21st century. Thanx for your referral.


We then tried it again, this time using a fictional, employed, 46 year old woman with children, who had been married before. How to bank safely online. Your source of local breaking news and trending stories from across the country.

Calculate your lobola

Transportation Apo for Travellers. If you have more interesting apps developed in Africa, tell us about it and who knows, yours could be published next.

You might also be interested in: Last lobpla This year. Friday, January 4, Traditionally the Lobolo payment was in cattle, however, many modern urban couples have switched lobola calculator app using cash. Lobola Calculator lets you know the value of your future spouse and how many cows you should receive to administer them throughout your marriage.

Dynamic Leaderboard and Map to view worldwide averages.

Calculate your lobola with this smartphone app – Zululand Observer

Aware of the fact that times change, the prices isn’t only offered in cows but also in rands South Africa’s currency and dollars. Six ways to keep your animals safe. SASSA beneficiaries given final lifeline.


Download the app on lobola calculator app device Lobola Calculator Step 2. It still makes for good entertainment. To test the theory, ZO Digital Manager, Angela Kelly tried it out and found out that her lobola would be 10 live cows or a hefty R80 Please note that the competition winner has been announced and contacted, please visit www.

Minimum operating system requirements: Spotify Lands in Africa Today! Luis Cruz invented the Eyeboard June 21, Nunnovation digital lobola calculator app, is a platform within the foundation that is deliberately positioned to capture positive news, inform the citizens of Africa and the world about great things happening in our communities, celebrate excellence, recognize and offer a balanced perspective to societal issues.

‎The lobola Calculator on the App Store

Try this Lobola Calculator to see how many cows you are worth. How does it work? Of course I may not be in agreement with my results but hey, its just an app right?!