Plus, you can install various portable programs with just a few clicks or add some of your own. It is easy to install one of the 3 application suites basic, standard, ultimate but installing a single program will require to visit the online catalog which is actually their website that contains quite a lot of ads. Very simple and very helpful. This is purely my view! New in LiberKey 5. I installed ultimate package one click but installing other softwares requires installation one by one.

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I did a brief testing of LiberKey version 5. You can also take advantage of the built-in floating menus, so you can quickly access liberkey items directly from your desktop, and use the drag-and-drop support for adding files into the working environment on the fly. Free Liberkey for Windows. Ad-Aware also prevented download.

LiberKey – Portable Application Interface

It includes some unique features in the area of Portable Application Suites, like dedicated tools for portabilization aka LiberKeyPortabilizerportable file associations, portable desktop shortcuts and online updates of applications.


What’s more, the pack looks for latest versions automatically, so all the included apps are always up to date. No thanks, continue to download LiberKey Ultimate. Quelque part entre liberkey ombres Haut Re: Your download is ready! The Portable Freeware Collection. All in all, LiberKey proves to be a reliable launcher that offers support for a wide range of liberkey settings that can meet the requirements of rookies and professionals alike.

No thanks Submit review. I use LiberKey for years and I never liberkey any problems. LiberKey Ultimate is a varied selection of portable applications that includes all sorts of programs.

Hence, I don’t see need for installation of liberkey the software unless someone wants to have liberkeu all just for the sake of collection. Some applications will also run on all earlier versions of Microsoft Windows and under Linux using Wine.

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3 Application Launchers with Automated Portable Software Installation System •

The ads generate liberket bulk of revenue devoted to the LiberKey project and allow it to exist. When selected, each program shows a complete information sheet including software developer, description, rating and notes. Your review for LiberKey Ultimate. Feb 5th, Freeware. You can also configure to auto launch a list of programs when running or closing SyMenu. Advanced parameters allow you to specify liberkey executable, folder, liberkey, or document path, working directory, and command-line parameters, run the tool automatically at Windows startup, as well as liberkey keyboard shortcuts.


Forum LiberKey – How to install all programs in one click ?

Oiberkey review LiberyKey Ultimate is a tool that compiles a plethora of portable applications into one slick-looking interface. More reviewed on November 21, Please improve this liberkey adding secondary or tertiary sources.

New in LiberKey 5. Install now to protect your privacy. Newsletter signup Enter your email address: Click the Yes button liberkey continue and any newly detected applications will be shown in the program window.

LiberKey Help the project! LiberKey is similar to PortableApps. You have disabled the display of advertisements.