Hope the MCs will get a course of action in the next 10ch because just contently reacting makes a meh story. I honestly can’t wait to read more because from a writer’s point of view, the characters are very interesting. First off, I’m really excited to see Yoko Taro writing a manga series! I’ll probably check back with the series in a year, but I can’t recommend it. A Chance Meeting and Compensation for Battle. Log in to vote! Anyway, don’t listen to the naysayers and definitely check it out!

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Thou Shalt Not Die

In its efforts to fight back without guns, Japan experimented with the kimi shinita mou koto nakare of youths to give them supernatural powers, thus making such abilities not impossible, but scientific fact. This is fantasy, reality can go fuck itself, in a story we expect all characters to be given at least partially their duethe author basically spits on properly written characters and storyline.

This is an annoying trend on media: Apparently they did have one adviser that got killed early in the mission, and them being unprepared planed? Because he had handed everything read: Manga Poll Do you like manga where the main character disguises as the opposite gender? Big GanGan Square Enix.

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The gory details are kito good I must say but I always judge a manga by its writing not art. She’s Beautiful Like Redemption. A Single Kimi shinita mou koto nakare in the World. It could be interesting or it could be a bloody mess. I Want to be a Guardian of Blue Flame. In the future, oil and fossil fuel resources have dwindled, plunging the globe kimi shinita mou koto nakare war with one another. This is the bad-boy archetype nakae to the extreme, he’s just a manchild. Binding Words Within the Bubbles.


I’m glad to see that his thoughts have made it into this comic and has created a unique story with a female main character and strong female characters in general. The promise of this series being anything good is quickly drying up. But this is horror-manga japan, being total assholes and lacking human emotions is widespread. On reading lists On wish lists On 16 unfinished lists On custom lists.

From here onwards the logic of the story will downspiral straight into a cesspool of stupidity. The Point of Awakening Stained in Blood. Mashiro is definitely a great main character, I think, and she shows to be a competent person.

This is pure stupidity as they lack the material to even conduct proper research on that battlefield. Contact of the Soul and Cold Steel. However, it is wholly “inaccurate” in how teens would have been trained prior to being sent into such a combat zone.

He’s a psycho yandere who’s smitten with a chick that has a berzerker mode. Sacrificial Blade to the Lands of Modern Warfare. This series is “accurate” in the effectiveness of tossing teenagers into a war zone even with their limited special powers. I would think that by ch 10 or 15 the general direction they are going should be clearer. The fact that no one over 20 is in the group to lead them also makes no strategic sense.


Spoiler mouse over to view look, on the cover there is a cool male and a sexy female guess what, the male just died of and never to be seen kimi shinita mou koto nakare. Anyway, don’t listen to the naysayers and definitely check it out! Lost Light Quietly Envelops Me.

Chords for Itou Kashitarou – Kimi Shinita Mou Koto Nakare (Subtitle Indonesia) #5

Hope the MCs will get a course of action in the next 10ch because just contently reacting makes a meh story. There are outlines, but noting clearly laid out.

The manga launches you into a truckload of gore in a warzone. A Chance Meeting and Compensation for Battle.