Some participants found the book enthralling while others found it appalling, but no matter what their opinion, it still evoked emotions every bit as strong as the passion Heather and Brandon share. Old and English and out of print, but perhaps still in your library…she wrote very undemanding but quite entertaining romancy books in the mid 20th century, some of which make for very fine comfort reading indeed! The Flame and the Flower was rejected by agents and hardcover publishers, who deemed it as “too long” at pages. Yes, it was set in the past, but there was no history involved. Heather is definitely a wish fulfillment fantasy and I could see why she might have persisted throughout time. Thomas escapes, but the skittish horse he chose bucks him to the ground.

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The writing style was beautiful. The details and descriptions draw you in and don’t let you go.

Heather is the ultimate woman, and doesn’t have to lift a finger to achieve it, because expending any more effort than it would take to stomp a foot far is too intimidating in a heroine. But I don’t have an extremely thin skin. I’m afraid I didn’t like either of the characters in this book. Otherwise I might be tempted to go back and wring his blasted neck. InAvon had broken with tradition by selecting Burt Hirschfield ‘s Fire Islandwhich had not previously been published in hardback, as a featured title.

Her eyes shone and her smile was quick and easy.


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Lists with This Book. But I just couldn’t go on reading it, myself — especially when they arrived at Brandon’s plantation and all the “negro” and “negress” wlodiwiss started.

From ‘he rapes me but he really loves me deep down’ to ‘a baby will fix our marriage’. Views Read Edit View history.

The Flame and the Flower – Wikipedia

Thank you very much. Is this really what women fantasized about in the s? I expect it will be extreeeeeemely rapey but I shall press on. He’s such an idiot and his brother is merciless in pointing it out to him. It was me being a total idiot for doing it anyway. Granted, there’s something to be said for Brandon not forcing himself on Heather again once they’re married, even though it was considered to be his right as a husband, but he certainly spends a lot of time considering the possibility.

She is just his property, and he should have access to her body and anything that he wants from her.

The title should be at least 4 characters long. The Flame and the Flower published is the debut work of romance novelist Kathleen E.

Although Brandon is accused of the crime, Heather is able to provide him an alibi. Of course I read somewhere that this is one of if not the first original ‘bodice rippers’.

Fuck you, The Flame and the Flower

He was exasperated with her reasoning about him turning his back while she changed, and cleaning up the water from the floor, but he remained gentle and kind with her. He never hits her. I’m not sure Brandon would have believed her anyway. Once they arrive in America, he also defends her against Louisa’s attacks, both physically and verbally, never allowing the potentially embarrassing truth of her getting pregnant out of wedlock to come out.


Fuck you, The Flame and the Flower – Reading the End

Falling from His Grace. And people wonder why women end up in abusive relationships when they’re told that the flowwr controlling behaviors exhibited by men in these novels are sweet and caring gestures. My issues with Brandon were due to his blase’ reaction to raping a young woman. He loses any common sense – again, if he has any – and is so overcome by her beauty that he rapes her a few times.

So, yes he did redeem himself. Some of the internal dialogue was like poetry. Several months later, Heather and Brandon resolve their differences, profess their love kathleen woodiwiss the flame and the flower each other, and share a bed for the first time as husband and wife.

It is he who is punished by that, her only experience was by his force the first time they met.