Of course, I could be completely wrong! Thank you, Aniruddha and Vanita. Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar Lyricist: I have loved it for a long time. Deepak Raja Samarth Nagarkar. Contributors Aditi Rama Cousik.

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Jivalaga Rahile dur Ghar majhe – Asha Bhosle – video dailymotion

After a long life, she is weary and life has become a burden. It made me so emotional Oh your meaning of death expressed by this song lyrics set such a deep context for me. I still have ways to go even in acquiring all the little and big twists and turns of notes that Asha manages so effortlessly Btw, you sing well.

He is now drawn to the one Creator however finds the path shrouded in darkness. Being Marathi is an incredible source of joy for me You are the only one, the protector of those without protection, your glory is everywhere. Wednesday, May 6, Jivalaga, Rahile re door ghar maaze We muse and sing here about the Aahat Very well sung by you Aditi, superb rendition.


Contributors Aditi Rama Cousik. More on the same Now she is imploring jivalaga rahile dur ghar maze to come hold her in its arms My house is far away, feet tired and the burden on my shoulders feels heavy.

Jivalaga Rahile dur Ghar majhe – Asha Bhosle

But here goes anyway. Adiiti, I jivalaa your rendition of Jivalaga, and it twisted and turned my heart with the beautiful sounds of longing that you produced! Anaahat, one that exists without production.

Posted by Aditi at 1: Finally, couldn’t stop myself from at least an attempt. As I leave the resting place, the doors close. Rahjle Raja Samarth Nagarkar.

Thank you, Aniruddha and Vanita. Aahat, sound produced in the earthly world. The illusion of blossoms fades and all one hears is their dried crackle. Access to poetry, music, literature that gives the highest inspiration.

Landed on this page while searching for the meaning of this song. In Marathi–“prayatna karayla dhajatey. And to add the clear pronunciation of the words, I downloaded your version,so that I can practice.


Of course, I could be completely wrong! Not the meaning of the words, but what they are implying. Jivalaga rahile dur ghar maze visit the blog rarely these days and had not seen your comments.

I think the Jivalaga here is Death. Thus far, I resisted singing in fear of not doing it justice. I have loved it for a long time.