Iced Earth is my favorite band by far, so if this review seems somewhat biased then that’s why. The first part is a It’s horrendously frustrating when the band pulls out some ripping, screaming solos like on “Order of the Rose,” or the total Painkiller worship of the last minute or so of the title track, and then fills the rest of the album with tepid, droning bullshit like the awful “Something Wicked part 1” and countless other tracks I can’t even be assed to remember. The album has a few pretty good songs and the rest is filler and shit. First one would be that you are a massive Iced Earth fan who buys everything Iced Earth releases all eight of you out there, including Schaffer. NotS songs can standalone, this album is one that should be experienced as a whole, though plenty of them rock without the rest as well.

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iced earth framing armageddon We don’t need one thousand strong? Or you just cannot get enough of that same repetitive gallop riff that is played over, and over, and over in this album and their next album, or their previous for that matter. And all of the religions of the world were created by the Setians as well, because all these things help keep mankind divided, they thrive on the weaknesses of man in order to bring us to our demise.

I have yet to be disappointed by this band, yes I even loved The Glorious Burden very much, and with another installment to their long catalogue Framing Armageddon continues the legacy.

It doesn’t affect me so much, though – the album seems to get by fine without them, though they would likely improve the listening experience in they were more frequent. One thing that stood out about this album is that nearly every chorus demands audience participation.


Execution is just an intro, but what an intro!

They didn’t have any weapons or technology, and the humans were actually the aliens who attacked and took over Earth. Everyone will make comparisons between this album and those two. Unfortunately, as expected, he reigned in those influences for just a very small part of the album, and left the lion’s share to the same old midpaced, chugging, boring riffs that we’ve grown to know and loathe over the past 10 years of the band’s history.

NhorfOctober 25th, However, we all know that some musicians eventually lose their flare and creative juices after awhile. Not a single riff stuck with me throughout the entire chore of listening to this album several times.

JPNo1FanSeptember 12th, Setian Massacre, Ten Thousand Strong, Infiltrate and Assimilate, and Framing Armageddon iced earth framing armageddon the only good tracks on this whole album, and that’s still not saying very much.

Iced Earth

Then they start to faction off. Well at least the album has good vocals. At least then I can be bored by the guitars instead of trying to amageddon my ears. Repetitive senseless chanting, idiotic interludes, boredom, boredom, boredom and even more glorified boredom. Horns to Master Schaffer! Iced earth framing armageddon yeah it was. I personally think Schaffer should have just authorized the comic version of the story and spent the time he used on these albums to make albums more of the NOTS and BO caliber.

Owens just made Barlow his bitch. Video Of Athens Press Conference.

Framing Armageddon – Iced Earth

All the upbeat songs on here are the highlights, all excel with flying colors even some being some of the best work Master Schaffer has pulled off in many years.


It’s been almost 10 years now since Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer introduced the ‘Something wicked’ concept and its anti-hero Set Abominae, and the time has finally come for him to tell the full epic story over 2 CDs, the first of which is ‘Framing armageddon’.

Best Moments of the CD: So close, yet so far away; that kind of thing. I expect some filler tracks from Iced Earth – they’ve amrageddon a constant problem since the band’s inception for me – but an entire album of filler is painful. The whole Egyptian apocolyptic feel that it arjageddon iced earth framing armageddon sends shivers down my spine with those drums and acoustic strumming. The last thing of controversy on this album is the story.

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Iced Earth is my favorite band by far, so if this review seems somewhat biased then that’s why. His high pitched shrieks and soaring notes help give this album the epic feel that it needs but I felt that “Framing Armageddon” didn’t give him a chance to show us all iced earth framing armageddon he has. BurnettSeptember 1st, He got famous for trying to replace Rob Halford in Judas Priest right after armagefdon released their masterpiece, Painkiller.

If you like pretentious, ultra-pompous concept albums, get this one.