Nine pieces were commissioned by ZKM and received their world premieres at the festival. She also travels widely, giving workshops, lectures, and concerts, and she plans to put out a double CD in the next year with works based on her experiences of India. They could only give a rough survey, of course, in a min talk. First, the pretty Aenviron: Kits Beach Soundwalk for pre-rec media.

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Celebrating Hildegard Westerkamp and Vancouver’s Unique Soundscape

Although other listeners might experience it differently if they do not understand the German text. The idea of invisible music seems not to touch the German musical sensibility. Cricket Voice emerged from a Mexican desert region called, strangely enough, the Zone of Silence.

Read more at Wikipedia. Remarkable was the clear delivery of all the composers and the relaxed atmosphere of these sessions.

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Both compositions were not only inspired by but also formally based on literature and the structure, the sound, the rhythm of hildegard westerkamp text. Fantasie for Horns II But, on the other hand, this method produced a certain strong energy in the work. The parallels between their new works, Brief an den Vater by Mr. Her ears were drawn to the acoustic environment as another cultural context hildegard westerkamp place for intense listening. Artists Popular All Recommended.


A student of the aforementioned Jonty HarrisonNatasha Barrett conceives beautiful landscapes of sounds with very discreet field recordings, that retain an aesthetic likeness to the acousmatic tradition. Temporarily out of stock. She has also composed soundtracks for radio dramas and film and her music has been featured in movies by Gus Van Sant including Elephant and Hildegard westerkamp Days A Walk Through the City.

Although perhaps the most challenging of the five works on this recording, it captures the beauty and complexity even in those sounds that we often try to filter out.

Beneath the Forest Floor. Music portal Music of Canada portal. The exceptional environment of ZKM supported this beautiful richness of sounds and the inventiveness of the composers immensely. Westeerkamp addition, composers such as John Cage hildegard westerkamp Pauline Oliveros have had a significant influence on her work. And this time of year, of course, as the trees begin to re-adorn themselves with leaves, we are suddenly hildegard westerkamp with the glorious cacophony of birdsong.

The programme features women composers with four…. Doors of Perception96 Two hildegadd treats to end with. A festival of acousmatic music—and acousmatic music only—is quite unusal. She also wwsterkamp written her own texts for a series of performance pieces for spoken text and tape. By focusing the ears’ attention to details both familiar and foreign in the acoustic environment, Westerkamp hiildegard attention to the inner, hidden spaces of the environment we inhabit.


It was like a good talk between colleagues and friends. The majority of her compositional output deals with aspects hiledgard the acoustic environment: One always sensed the will behind the music, one always tried to follow and understand the experiment instead of just enjoying the result.

Her daughter, Sonja Ruebsaat was born in and hildegard westerkamp the designer of this hildegard westerkamp.

Hildegard Westerkamp — electrocd — The Electroacoustic Music Store

Retrieved 7 February In pieces like Into Indiashe explores the deeper implications of transferring environmental sounds from a foreign place into hildegard westerkamp North American context of electroacoustic composition and audio art culture.

She also travels widely, giving workshops, lectures, and concerts, and she plans to put westerkakp a double CD in the next year with works based on her experiences of India. It was a deeply impressive piece, even if it was to a certain extent more dramatic than musical. Have we been suppressing unwanted noise for so long that we have dulled our capacity to hildegard westerkamp