Glad to hear you’re going ok in the league, we’ve just imploded at home against our biggest rivals and fellow title challengers Sheriff Fair play to you though. Just have to wait for a decent kit pack. Absolutely delighted with European qualification and some silverware in the process. No trip back to England yet!

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Hazard has arrived in my team for 2 weeks but he already shows a good work even in friendly match. I count myself lucky that I can finish a game without an injury and it’s not because I’m overworking my players etc etc.

MY save has died again ffs Helpful hints on good management always welcome chaps! Just drew at home to a team we should have annihilated. I’ve started him in every game so far this season apart from that one!

Anyone else finding that this game is terribly slow at times? Another double during the tactic trial run. Completely crashed and the saved game won’t reopen. Like I say, this should already be included within the tactic, but please make sure. Since this tactic doesn’t have wingers, I thought I’d use dootball here as well – lost the first game but have won the next four scoring 4 goals minimum each game. We held on until half time. Do you have left footers taking right corner and right footers taking left corner?


Here is the league table. FlowCalum and IcyKillers like this. Duis pretium velit ac mauris.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Right, the toy’s are out of the pram. Matt Richards 25 yard free kick sent the Shrews into crac as they took a lead and that was enough to see of Plymouth 12.00.4 sent the Green Army home from Wembley again with that bitter taste in the mouth.

Not giving up though, the team needs to get used to the tactic first. With this in mind, the formation would appear to be abut we ctack resemble this formation and shape when in possession of the football manager 2012 patch 12.0.4 crack.

I might see if I can get Claus as my assistant manager Maybe it is best to use the ‘Press’ at home, and the ‘Stand Off’ away, as Collzy has done? Even though I beat Real Madrid 7 — 0, in many of the matches we stood off far too much and the opposition were basically playing the game on a level playing field.


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The club is so skint, it can’t even go full time. Roll on the premiership! Donec mattis libero eget urna. Hi ho hi ho, up the table we go! Just beat our deadliest rivals 5 – 0 on their own patch, which I love Keegan style.

Well after two and a half years at Berwick, which included two division titles, a Scottish cup-semi final and the Challenge Cup final, I’ve decided to move on. Unable to gain any constant form with up and down results, The Fotball were floating just outside of the Play Off spots, but then came the F.

Corners or latch kicks? Right, I’ve encountered a bit of a problem. Right, well, have some of this! Hull are the latest gullible set of fools to employ him. The Press or the stand off?