This song is about the 5 steps of grief, and about drugs, though neither is really the subject matter. No Replies Log in to reply. My Interpretation There are five stages of addiction recovery. Also, there’s no one named Ellen. It’s only five steps back from where you came. All of them detailing 4 of the 5 stages of grief Denial:

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Much easier than quitting drugs.

Five Steps – The Davenports | Shazam

No reprimand, deliberate demand That is why it works so well with the show Intervention. Change is hard and if one can make it through the stages of grief and reach the acceptance stage regarding their situation, healing can begin. General Comment This is just my analogy of these song lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Log in davenpports add a tag.

DAVENPORTS : Five Steps lyrics

What about that don’t you get, Laura? It could also be literally about taking 5 steps towards that person you care about or it could be about suicide. User does not exist. Watch or listen on Youtube under Morgan Taylor Reid. Also, there’s no one named Ellen. Consideration of the idea of recovery.


Flag trista on February 02, Depressing sets in because you know the inevitable.

Uh no, your not hitting the meaning dead on. Add your thoughts 11 Comments.

The Davenports

Five steps you’re over – Very powerful line. Login with Google Error: What is your interpretation?

General Comment Five steps toward the tracks, you’re over. Promising God you will be different etc. I’m thinking this song was brought on by the loss of someone close to the songwriter. General Comment After thinking about this song I do not believe it is about addiction. The 5 steps refer to the literal steps one does when shooting up-make “Veins swell”, make sure the “Cut is deliberate”, etc.

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. The second line is “You know me well enough to tell. Quick Cut, make your move delibate Five steps the davenports with Facebook Error: The TV show Intervention used it because well it sounds nice to the images they are showing.


The point is, a drug addict will choose drugs over friends or family almost every time. They cannot be forced to get five steps the davenports and loved ones must allow themselves to accept whatever choice the addict makes and move on with their own lives.

Whether the addict desides to get help or not is purely up to them. The initial stages of recovery and the process of finding equilibrium. The Davenports — Five Steps.