Please note that this is a manual process so it can take up to 24 hours until you receive the email with the license update. What do you think? New in Eye4Software Hydromagic 8. To uninstall Hydromagic on Windows 7 first ensure that Hydromagic Survey has been closed. This option calculates the volume of water below multiple levels or stages. Eye4Software Hydromagic is also capable of processing raw data and managing data files. Sections of this page.

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Hydromagic User Group LinkedIn. When you eye4software on this option you will be brought to a new window that may take a moment to populate with a list of installed applications. New in version 7.

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Multiple profile correction eye4software. This eyye4software you have to select the “Import eye4software new license which has been emailed to you” option. New banner for Hydro-International. Sign in User login Manufacturer login. The demo downloads are not protected by a dongle, and can be run by first time eye4sofrware who want to try the software free of charge. Using various post processing options, the sounding data can be used to generate bathymetric maps, depth contours, XYZ data to eye4softwarw to other processing software, dredging volume reports and more.

Please note that a license update is required for existing users eyr4software the software when version 7. The software is in use by dredging, mining and survey companies around the world. The author and publisher of the above software is Eye4Software B. A tool to extrapolate a map from a series of map coordinates and a chosen country, or to create user defined grids on an existing map. The single beam processing unit has been equipped with a lot of new features, including automatic data cleansing using mean and median filters, eye4software the software can now correct your sounding data for heave, roll and pitch motions when eye4software IMU unit eye4software used.


Eye4software demo trial version Eye4software demo downloads are not protected by a dongle, and can be run by first time users who want to try the software free of charge.

Support tidal reduction network. The main function however is in transforming map types into others and in this it has all the tools rye4software for this goal.

We have resellers all over the world, eye4software you technical and sales support in your own language For a list of resellers around the world, please visit our reseller page.

Licensed versions of the Eye4Software Hydromagic software are protected against unauthorized use with a eye4software or hardlock device. Sign up for the weekly newsletter Geomatics Product Updates.

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Still haven’t found the solution you are looking for? We just added a new section on our website where we are going to eye4sovtware articles on various subjects. No thanks, just take me to the download. It eye4software recommended to store the file eye4software the “My Documents” folder using the default name as displayed in the “Save As” dialog box.


Copyright c Eye4Software B. Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. New product on Geo-matching: We need more reviews for our Hydromagic Survey listing on Geo-matching. Please note that this is a manual process so it can take eye4sofware to 24 hours until you receive the email with the license update.

The geodesy support has been expanded with new coordinate reference systems and geoids, including the whole new NAD83 definition grids, global geoids like EGM84 eye4software EGM96 and geoid models for Argentina, Bolivia, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Norway and Poland For more information regarding eye4software product, or in case you are interested in a dealership for your country, please visit the product website at http: Seven Parameter shift supported.

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Applying the license eye4software After eye4software the email with the license update file. Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator is able to eye4softwae maps and create new coordinates or edit the grids within them. Automatic top of pipe calculation.

Hydromagic Survey is an easy to use, professional single beam hydrographic survey software package for Windows. You will receive the license after it has been processed by our staff. Now eye4software the “Start” button eye4software program the new license s in your Hydromagic dongle.