All FX in one place The one video i saw was using it as a midi fx and i can’t figure that out because of the different. Definitely check it out. Use Effectrix to refine your beats, enrich them with scratches or give them further complexity by looping, delaying, or reverberating phrases. Sequential Modulation Detailed Parameters per effect Each effect has two modulation tracks.

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What do I do? In most cases they must efgectrix tread as Software Effectrix logic and require audio “Side Chain”. Rob Swire posted in Twitter a list of all the plugins that he has installed when he moved to his new studio in No need to be fancy, just an overview.

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Scratch Sounds, Gate Sounds and many more! Listen effectgix the equipment page effectrkx artist’s website, also seen in studio photos and interview videos. Sugar Bytes Effectrix Tags: Videos Some useful videos on Effectrix. Effectrix is on this list more. Feb 4, 2: Effectrix logic lot of my favorite electronic artists use this. When I do not own any plugin or application I’m used to gather some info about before I kick the OP into a wrong direction Spotted in Fehrplay’s Logic project.


I’m using Effectrix by Sugar Bytes, and I’m want to apply the “X-Loop” and “Vinyl” effects to certain parts of a song I’m mixing, and I can’t the effects to I guess stick to the pieces of the song I want it to? Hey guys i remember using effectrix on fl studio and thought it was pretty dope. All in one PlugIn! A effectrix logic spectrum from classy standards to scandalising splatter sprees.

Sugar Bytes Effectrix (VST, AU Plugin) | Equipboard®

Creative Sound Design Others might have pretty faces but Effectrix is more capable Effectrix is our most popular product. Rob Swire posted in Twitter a list of all the plugins that he has installed when he moved to his new studio in more.

In this Instagram shot Effectrix logic can be seen using the Sugarbytes Effectrix plugin top right along with a lot of other effect plugins. When asked about his go-to plugins, synths, and effects, Datsik says “I use a lot of Effectrix” more.

Patterns can also be assigned to any other MIDI input you care to mention and for those with some imagination, the possibilities of such a set-up are remarkably broad: I really like effectrix as it lets me add a variety of new sounds to my production very simply. I tried the effectrix logic and i love the effects.


You can store up to 12 different sequences within a single Effectrix preset and flip beween these via onscreen controls or external MIDI keyboard. Bee Jay Bee Jay. Effectrix is a professional multi-effect sequencer, a game-changer in the way contemporary music is made. Feb 3, 4: Reply I have this question too I have this question too Effectrix logic too Me too. Effectrix is the highly addictive games compendium for demanding sound fetishists.

Each effect has two modulation tracks. Is the artist is saying something interesting about the item?

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Using the “Tonal Delay” you can create melodies out of any material. By painting colored blocks across a sequencer, quite simply, your tracks metamorphose into fireworks. Industrial Strength’s “Drop” Effects Plug-in.