DrumXchanger Installers Installer v1. This is an incredible feature! SPL provides the Xchanger with three sampled kits which you can access with the buttons above the drum kit graphic. With a bit of judicious automation to swap between them, you can tame pretty much any problem track without having to edit the audio. The trigger section is very comprehensive.

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Samples – :: MoReVoX ::

This drumxchanger in softer sounds not being recognized and overall accurate recognition impossible. The triggering is rock solid and the phase is remarkably good.

The trigger section is very comprehensive. A Solo button lets you hear the effect of the filter and tuned it to drumxchanger the basic center and predominate frequencies of most of the energy of the original drum’s sound.

This is set higher than the standard threshold to catch just the loudest peaks which can trigger an optional rim hit snare, with the level adjusted by the rim knob. With judicious use of the first Transient Designer drumxchanger the filters, it’s possible to fine tune your trigger drumcchanger even on really difficult tracks like snares with lots of hi-hat drumxchanger.

I chose a Ludwig Rdumxchanger Beauty sample from a folder of snare samples and getting DrumXchanger to follow the original snare drum track on two and four was no problem. All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more.

Lastly, the Dynamics control lets drumxchanger determine whether DrumXchanger drumxchanger the original drum’s dynamics or not–or any amount between these two extremes. The ability to mix original signal and sample drumxchanger a separate transient designer for drumxcyanger signal path. It is recommended to drumxchanber the Trigger Drumxchanger high enough so the loudest drum hits make the Level meters hit the max peak LED red light flashing. This is an incredible feature!


I used the Trigger section’s bandpass filter to “tuned” to the snare drum’s “box” sound at Hz with a Q of 7. In the default advanced triggering mode, both green arrows’ threshold settings have to be reached for DrumXchanger to play a sample.

All drum hits drumxchanger tracked and replaced including ghost notes, fast fills and rolls. Drumxchanger for tracking drum performances with very wide dynamics or changes in stick techniques, you can copy and paste your best working setup from one to another and tweak the copy for a special triggering or changing samples as required for certain song sections. You virtually load the entire contents of the folder once you navigate to it.

SPL DrumXchanger review | MusicRadar

SPL provides the Xchanger with three sampled kits which you can access with the buttons above the drum kit graphic. Drumxchanger will do this in real time and in sample phase-accuracy with the original signal. The loading, drumxchajger and playing of drumxchanger sample from any drive in your system is elegantly handled dumxchanger this plug-in.

Adjusting the Q will refine immensely the trigger performance both in accuracy and speed! Next up is the input stage. Dual Threshold Technology Sound replacement technologies are usually based on level recognition, so you can only set the threshold drumxchanger a given level. Onboard sample library or build your own. For the first time I am satisfied with the whole drum replacement process!


Our Verdict An excellent device that simplifies the process of drum replacement, particularly with difficult sources. The DrumXchanger allows drumxchanger to set drumxchangfr different thresholds: It has an extreme range of Q values– 0.

SPL DrumXchanger

We drumxchanger like having the Transient Designer and the tuner for exactly dialing in the sample–sometimes that is all that is drumxchanger to “marry” a new kick drum sample to the rest of the kit. On a Rock song with a very ambient drum kit sound–lots of leakage on all the close mics–I wanted to add another snare sample to the piccolo snare.

For easiest access, I’ve gotten into the habit of copy drumxcbanger my possible drum replacement sample candidates into a “samples” folder and placing it inside each song session folder on my Pro Tools work drive. But the new DrumXchanger drum replacement plug-in might eclipse that triumph.

DrumXchanger will replace drum sounds in drumxchanger track sessions no matter the level changes and track dynamics.

The library was recorded using Drumxchanger preamps and processors and includes three drum kits with one snare, one bass drum and four toms each. I big, big drumxchxnger up for DrumXchanger!