Vinaora Nivo Slider is a great responsive slideshow module for Joomla. Works as described, what else to say: And another Issue I have is that I can remove every button on the slideshow except for the timer. We’ve fixed some bugs. I have no idea how people got it working or compliment it so highly. How to remove Cu3er from banner Sandeep 1. Posted on 10 March

cu3er javascript

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Posted on 18 December Vinaora Visitors Javaascript is a famous and nice counter module for Joomla!. I doubt anything made with JS will work in any browsers except for Chrome and maybe Firefox, as the JS required for such effects is quite intense.

It allows you to easily create an image slider slideshow or slide-show using Nivo Slider.

Last, the forum seems totally abandoned since past November. With Vinaora Cu3ox Slideshow you can create an attractive Joomla image slider with cool 3D slice effects and transitions between slides. Istalled on joomla 1.


cu3er javascript

Where is the open source portion you meant to post? Yeah, the JS one is a bit laggy. I would love to have this extension working! Also, I was totally unable to load this module into another module using “module anywhere” which is a pity as I just said, it makes sense to use this module on position usually occupied by modules: Adios to Winter Havascript Get Vinaora Cu3er v2.

The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Posted on 04 May Vinaora Cu3ox Slideshow is a slide-show module for Joomla.

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Here is a nice one: Brian Barthold 2 19 Ok so flash may be the only feasible method Some problems undercash 8. Cu3fr cu3er Fabrizio 1.

cu3er javascript

You’ll be able to divide your images into any number of pieces and rotate them the way you like! And this module is now used in thousands of websites. The documentation is out of date.

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It has been conceived to create amazing 3D transition between slides. Please update to the latest version 2. Stack Overflow cu33er best with JavaScript enabled. GPLv2 or later Type: Piecemaker does an effect similar to cu3er: Well I just tested this extensions and it is not bad at all but few details stop me from using it on production website first it use the free version of the javascript library, and you cannot change the preloader logo.


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Great Ahmed Mohsin 1. Amazing options and configurability.

Posted on 26 April Vinaora Cu3er 40 reviews. Nov 18 License: You can setup different transition effects for each slide and set their duration or delay.

Easy to install, works from the box, very easy to set up and a lot of options available.