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Cries tears of pain and rage during her last stand against the Apostles who killed her comrades during the Eclipse. Unfortunately, they can’t enjoy their relationship for long. After wandering away from Guts, Casca stumbles across three bandits who try to rape her. Though she doubles as the tritagonist. In order not to have made that mistake, she would have had to not be Casca anymore, since her tragic mistake was something she did out of her noble but flawed sense of self-denial and obligation. As part of her status as The Ophelia. The hand then closes up with Griffith inside.

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Second only to Griffith in the Band of the Hawk’s ranks, at least before Guts arrived and gained similar status, she continued to bersekr the main bersek officer in the chain of command and took over leadership when Griffith got arrested. It’s partially justified by the fact that she’s a Fragile Speedsterand it should also be noted that she’s more physical in hand-to-hand combat than many other examples of this trope. In Portuguese, “casca” means “shell,” either referencing how she shelled her fragile side away behind berserj icy personahow she might have purposefully hid her true self after the trauma she sustained from the Eclipse, or generally how her present form is but a hollow shell of her former self.

Considering just how many guys tried to have their way with her without her consent before, it’s understandable that she might not feel completely at ease with the idea of lovemaking.

She and Guts are the love of each other’s lives, but cruel circumstances that began with the Eclipse have made it impossible for them to be together no matter how short the physical distance between them. Granted that all of the main characters have flimsy plastic plot armor, Casca has the most fortunate case, because seriously folks: Understandable for an Action Girl ‘s short hair to get messy with the job.


Some fans think she’s black akin to medieval Moors, also drawing evidence from her namesome think she’s Kushan which seems to be based on Middle Eastern and South Asian peoplesand still others propose some other ethnicity or a mixture of two or more. The Hawks noted that in terms of sword-fighting skill, Casca was second only to Griffith at least until Guts came and eventually surpassed them bothdispatching dozens of enemy goons with her blade throughout the Hawks’ various skirmishes.

Berserk – Casca restored, regains memory

From an economic standpoint, her childhood wasn’t great, since her family lived in poverty and neighboring villagers often died of starvation due to her province’s bouts of famine. Truthfully, she was angry at both Guts and Griffith for taking her for granted in different ways.

In both situations, Guts assures Casca that he likes these physical aspects about her and thinks she’s a true beauty. While she is not a powerhouse fighter and relies a lot on her flexibility and maneuvering during battleit’s implied that Casca has keen-enough knowledge on the human body and strikes for vital arteries and joints in order to either incapacitate or land a fatal blow on her enemies. Like other anime tsunderes, Casca can be quite temperamental. Alas, her swordplay and charisma are still overshadowed by Guts’ and Griffith’s.

Beware spoilers […] Loading Though she doubles as the tritagonist. But Not Too Black: The rule of such a reveal applies, as usual. As mentioned in her backstory, Casca was the youngest of six siblings. Her family upbringing actually serves as a deconstruction for a couple of reasons.

Attack Its Weak Point: Casca’s post-Eclipse behavior has become an issue for Guts, who is still sexually attracted to Casca and he really wants her emotional and physical love. She stops Corkus’ attempt to murder him in his sleep, but claims that she’s just following Griffith’s orders and hopes he’ll get himself killed in battle. A more comical moment came when Casca began fighting Guts outside of the cave that they were sequestered in, even after the cape she was using to cover her self slipped off of her.


Like most victims of rapeCasca went through these spells were she would zone out and stare at nothing such as on the hill top. Although she is insane, Casca has this innocent and sweet nature that attracts people to her. In the manga, Wyald catches her and strips her naked, but is stopped from going any further when Guts intervenes. She’s one of the best swordfighters in the world, but she still has her period every month, her body is bristling with muscle and covered in scars much to her chagrin and being a female fighter in a brutal medieval world makes her a target for misogynists and would-be rapists.

For extra symbolism, she ties it around his upper arm, where a knight would traditionally display his lady’s favor. Your email address will not be published.

Frequently the victim of attacks that tear off parts of her clothing and armor, usually the direct result of would-be rapists trying to get her naked.

Used during the Eclipse in the third film. Played straight but ultimately painfully subverted with Griffith.

Berserk: Casca / Characters – TV Tropes

During her Shower of Angst after the Eclipse, the wet garment she’s wearing clings to her. She is also jealous because Griffith has never shown her the kind of trust and openness that he shares with Guts.

Making the situation worse, [[spoiler: