Anyways, onto character explanations!! In the reverse, Yuzu 6p functions in helping Mitsuru take advantage from neutral situations with X and establish tight pressure situations on wakeup. He also gives her a bunch of nice fuzzy confirms with brick in the corner, so you can more safely mix up the opponent. This also gives you confirms off the mixup, but hopefully also you tag into a character who can corner carry or cover tech options very well!!! This aspect of his oki coverage is extremely useful to Blake, as she can not only capitalize on this super well at any distance, she needs the safety since she has such little health. You will want to pick at least one of these characters, and these characters will be on most of the recommended teams.

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This lets Blake easily convert normal blockstrings without much setup, and an assist positioned behind her into hard to escape left right scenarios. She also comes with good enough normals and high low mixup, though it can be a bit character specific.

These characters are like, not so good. Most of her exceptional value comes from her assist set, and ability to increase team damage on some active switch confirms.

Supportive characters are outright more flexible in team compositions, but the strongest point characters can bring out the best value in a supportive character, given they mesh together well enough.

As a partner, Yuzu is a little bit different, as the team tends to have pretty natural synergy but comes weighted on TWO point characters. Jin has some very pointed strengths in his support, and when used correctly, can be quite oppressive. His corner carry is top notch off of the right hits, and his oki at bbtay is bbtsg decent, especially with the right bbag.


His assist package is one of the strongest in the game, Orbiter having crazy durability and startup, along with Pale bringer packing a ton of blockstun on top of its great space bvtag. Super, super straightforward supportive applications. Beyond that, due to how well he uses cross combo, of course another teammate that can use cross combo so well is gonna go great!!!

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

There are also a couple of cute mixups you can do where bbrag set 6p behind them, and active switch into Jin so they have to block the projectile the right way. Jin — Recommended Teams: Her assist set is rather narrow no pun intended but functions very well, 6p being great utility for many characters who want quick, safe ways to pin the opponent down from a spaced position. Another cute thing is that he can use tag hizangeki to secure fuzzies for some characters, most practically Aigis out of the recommended characters.

Anyways, these characters are fine.


With the right assist, she can turn guesses with jB or 5B into huge space control attempts, and due to her options at range, can make good use of CC or active calls to work potential structure into place. This does not imply that they cannot play point, but rather where most of their ideal value given to a more effective team comes from. Lotus assist has some very good uses within cross combo, but also has some merit for counterpoking as well. Same bbtsg her anti air assist with a very long lasting, vertical hitbox and a ton of untechable time.


Anyways, as said earlier, synergy is important with her due to the nature of the mixup situations she provides. I mentioned the stabilized oki a bit earlier, but active switching to throw, with a properly spaced assist so he can tank the reversal is a great choice. Not a lot of it is vanilla left right with assist, but instead active switch mixups even without CC! This dynamic is really big for a ton of characters who can easily cover his pale bringer assist recovery, which leaves him right in front of the opponent.


From Jin point, 5p and 6p function very well for Jin in neutral and helping him create sandwich pressure where he has trouble otherwise, and tagging into him from a structured mixup scenario is great since the ice sword which would be used to confirm the active switch mixup is still on the way, but his issue is oki- you lose a lot of damage by going for weak hits into Ice Car…unless you have corner, so going for corner carry routes is something you want to keep in mind when playing this team.

His assist is one of the most threatening in the game, with an enormous advancing hitbox and a super long duration. This is your boy.

Makoto is the worst character in the game. Except, with her assist set, of course.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle – Dustloop Wiki

Blake — Recommended Teams: Hyde is a super strong footsie shoto that has some great synergistic applications. His AA capability is super good, but he lacks low commit horizontal coverage, so strong horizontal assists are his thing.

However, the supportive characters in this row have rather specific utility, or have specific synergy needs for point characters to flex their strengths. Oddly, Naruakmi is sort of like a Jack of all trades but has a slight emphasis on special pressure utilities and offense. These characters are usually going to be on the most effective teams.

This becomes problematic in the corner, so opening people up there may be a little difficult since his high low is decent, but not great.