Your Diggers will finish them in no time, but be careful, there are 4 Ronins, 1 Warlock and 1 Master Warlock not far from them! Here is my advice, make Dryads and bless them. You can bond them to Kenji like you’ve been doing, or bond them to the Necro. When you reach the perimeter of base, meet Utara! A Wolf Clan Shalery is a combination of quarry and forge, where clansmen are fitted with shale armor. I prefer a more fluid interpretation.

battle realms graybacks journey

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Saving Your Healers – If you don’t want your healing units Channelers, Geisha, Fan Geisha running into the thick of battle, don’t group them with your attacking army.

There will be constant attacks by all factions, the Wolf and the Dragon, the first time I did this it wasn’t too hard, but this time I hung on by a nuthair. They kill them all. Finish them all, and then Grayback heard someone shouting. The Quarry is primarily used for strength training.

The relative Lotus Zen Master will appear from the ashes of their Keep, so kill them too. Just wait there for the battls, let them come to you.

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Kayzer76th – GameFAQs

If you lose all your geisha or start running low on warriors pause for a sec and make some more or get the ones from the base. Shrine- Yang Blade, gains more Yang with each stroke, damage also increases with more Yang.


Finish the Warlock first, because he is the weakest one, and then go to Unclean or Ronin. The Wolf Clan’s Shale Lord hero is a result of one of his experiments gone wrong. Just keep your melee units available to take on units either appearing from behind you and everything should be okay.

Dragon, Serpent, Lotus and Wolf Clans build their dwellings in vastly different shapes and forms, but all share similar characteristics: You’ll find one Royal Academy in the NW area of the map – it’s protected by at least 2 x Watchtowers and is the harder fight.

It might take you a little while but screen the whole area, theres a whole bunch of peasants running around and you gotta get them.

Grayback’s Journey

Make a hut by the pond and put a hero down there to protect your peasants. I’m glad I finally got around to finishing it though.

battle realms graybacks journey

They do decent damage upgraded and have the longest range upgraded. This one is pretty easy. Arrow Craftmanship- Gives your Archers better range. I tend to slow that down to the max, and perfectly micro the force so that they all take units they’re effective against, to minimise losses. Retrieved from ” http: Unless you have some Yang to spare, or are Swordsmen heavy, I would stay away.

Build a Sharpshooters Guild, Alchemist Hut and a Thieves guild and start training ronin with blood bond. Get this if you use Spearmen.


Battle Realms – Walkthrough/FAQ

The Unclean can wound you with their slingshots, while the Ronins can causes headache in their afterlife with their innate ability, Cursed Sword. Just try to set everything on fire and make sure there’s no peasants left, if there is you will have to do everything over again in about 5 minutes.

Have another hero work on the hut right below the rice patch. Many people will, after witnessing a nice improvement in combat performance, tend to stick with Shale Armor.

battle realms graybacks journey

Move out and head NW again. Dragons Heart- Increases Spearmen health, lets them live longer.

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by UnSub – GameFAQs

Not as good as Stun Strike, it didn’t seem like it helped much at all. Horses can be useful by 1 Keeping your geisha alive longer, and making them faster.

Shinja- A good fighter. Pause a little ways away so Kenji can regain stamina.

They are also reasonable fighters and generally able to take quite a bit of damage before going down. Activate Greyback’s hero ability, then concentrate your attacks on one spider at a time to take them out quickly.