The view from my room in the Oberoi Hotel was beautiful at dusk, with the sun setting over the blue Arabian Sea while down below the traffic flowed on Marine Drive, which curves along the beachfront in Mumbai. Has it gone back to square one — that whenever you try to say that Kashmir has to be addressed too, India says no way? We want to see progressive forces prevail. The population is 80 percent Hindu, 14 percent Muslim, 2. Poverty remains a huge problem, but that also is changing rapidly. To produce power, between and India doubled its consumption of coal and increased oil consumption by 52 percent and natural gas consumption by percent, but even that was too little to provide enough energy. America, India, and Pakistan to the Brink and Back.

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We are on the opposite side of the universe. India’s million Muslims make it the third-largest Muslim country in the world, after Indonesia and Pakistan. You need a State in Pakistan that works and that doesn’t send terrorists across the border to blow up your parliament, your financial capital, every couple of years. Understanding the Mumbai terrorist attack and its consequences is critical to understanding the challenges that America faces in dealing with the rieddel of Riedsl and Pakistan.

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Bruce Riedel

I don’t see any serious sign of a change in the strategic thinking of the Pakistani army leadership. How do you get over that hump and alleviate India’s mistrust and suspicion of Pakistan’s intentions, many of which are justified considering the terrorism fomented from Pakistan?

According to a Brookings Institution study, the poverty level in India is dropping very quickly. C oming back to the recent LoC incident, some commentators have said it is deja vu. So, rapprochementtrade, people-to-people avoiding armageddon bruce riedel, those are the right things to do. Deadly Embrace focused on the US-Pakistan relation. It’s not going to be easy, and we should expect the fact that as we move forward on those things that the dark forces are going to try to sabotage the whole thing and they know how to do it.


Indians have to do that. They think the course the country is on is leading to disaster — a country that is being consumed by the terrorism that it helped avodiing create.

But now since that presence is drawing down, are they going to start focusing elsewhere and back to the traditional enemy — India? He argues that South Asia is critical avoiding armageddon bruce riedel American national security and that the volatile relationship between India and Pakistan armageddkn two nuclear weapons-armed States that have fought four wars with each other and gone to the brink several other times — is the crucial factor determining whether the region can ever be safe and stable.

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The crisis in Mumbai, the first foreign policy crisis for President Obama, demonstrated dramatically how the rise of India and the rise of Pakistan will challenge America in the century ahead. Riedel Your purchase helps avoiding armageddon bruce riedel NPR programming.

Riedel was born in in Queens, New York. But the targets were the same—Indians, Americans, and Jews, the targets of the global jihad started by al Qaeda in the late s. America, India, and Pakistan to the Brink and Back”one of the most accurate and interesting analyses of the tangled relationship between Washington, New Delhi and Islamabad. This tries to avoiding armageddon bruce riedel us a step further to the riedell American relationship with both India and Pakistan and to a certain degree also with Afghanistan.


Riedel, a Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution, a leading Washington, DC think-tank, in Avoiding Armageddon — which was released February 26 — holds nothing back in explaining the challenge and importance of managing America’s affairs with these two emerging powers and their toxic relationship. It would be the first visit by an American avoidinng to South Asia in a quarter-century.

Your purchase helps support NPR programming. The population is 80 percent Hindu, 14 percent Muslim, 2.

Bruce Riedel: An India-Pakistan war in future would be Armageddon – News

The pace of change in India today is staggering. Book excerpts are provided by the publisher and may contain language some find offensive.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. India and Pakistan will be among the most important countries in the twenty-first century. Sixty percent of Indians today are under thirty years of age. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Nowhere else in the world do you have that kind of problem and this book tries to look in-depth at each one of these crises and looks ahead to how we can avoid having another one in the future.

I remember when we spoke two years ago, just after Deadly Embrace came out, you told me that it was Brooking Institution President Strobe Talbott who had suggested it and you thought it was really apt?

America, India, and Pakistan to the Brink and Back’. Between November 26 and 29, people would die and more than would be injured by the ten armafeddon.