You don’t fit the minimum requierement “name. I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to even contemplate that a Mircosoft update might break some reversing tools. I had some little sudoku game that was packed with Arma 5. Both tools are very compatible in this regard, the process should be fairly seemless, should it become necessary. Nice little packer you made too.

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For cryin’ out load Thanks for the info, Shub.

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It seems to “escape” the tool and run instead armadillo stopping at the entry point. Stop writing like a stupid kiddie. Let us know if the issue with SP3 solved. Seems like as good a time as any to state that, yes certain applications have a disdain for being renamed i. He added and fixed several things. I have winxp sp2 installed on my machine and this is the environment that it was created in. So, it is limited unpackee functionality, but at least it saves you time when rebuilding from Armadiilo.


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I have SP3 and works flawlessly on other targets either dll or exe, but not arma 5. I have been PM with condzero, regarding SP3. Long time, no post around here. Yes i did the same thing copied link armadillo unpacker browser but same problem jnpacker this link is working but download link armadillo unpacker not avaible? Not much protection involved, but it would make a nice addition compared to say dilloDIE. Anyway, back on track, don’t know if it’s been stated, any soon-to-be support for DLLs?

However, a couple of weeks back, I think since I installed Windows XP SP3, the unpacked application refused to run, and Armageddon does not unpack it correctly anymore.

May – v1. Thanks for your interest. Should armadillo unpacker released fairly soon. ArmaGeddon unpacked it seamlessly and it worked fine.

Hi all, two hotfixes in two days. March – v1. Condzero, thanks for the quick and positive answer! I would be most interested in any findings on this as well as any potential problems with Arma 5.

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Use only if normal “debug blocker” processing fails. You don’t fit the minimum requierement “name. Can I ask what method you’re using to remove the IAT elimination.


I added the most recent “Last Updated” listing to March 5,from the February listing, just to armadillo unpacker as accurate as possible. This dude has PMed armadillo unpacker at ap0x’s board, RES boards, ARTeam and some other places asking me for the same freaking thing – to unpack a crappy sniffer that uses y0da’s protector. Try this link, then search the tool in the index: Does the following direct download link work? He provided me with an I think manually unpacked version of the app in question, which suddenly required ArmAccess.

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unpakcer It is not uncommon for progs to ask for ArmAccess. Even if he followed a damn tutorial, he would be able to do it. February – v1.