And you just can’t help want to read it. Wild Ones Discussion Questions 2 9 Dec 05, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Yukie seems to have been killed by being hit by a car. Ai Hime – Ai to Himegoto. The other yakuza members would throw a fit, but they’d eventually be okay with it, too, as long as Sachie made it clear that Rakuto made her happy. Everyone in his gang is devoted to him, since many people who he has taken in are those who have nowhere else to go.

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Books by Kiyo Fujiwara. Viz 10 Volumes – Complete. I only like Azuma but the author seems to forget about his existence when it’s convenient. Of course, she’s also pretty dense as with most shoujo heroines, but I’d prefer denseness to arakure manga type who’s constantly overcome with jealousy over her princely love interest. No one at school knows about Rakuto’s hidden life, and arakure manga Sachie finds herself falling for her bodyguard.

Like Rakuto, he arakure manga very popular with the arakure manga at his school. The content of 10 volumes could be condensed into 1 without even being rushed, which makes about 9 of those volumes filler fluff. From what I could tell, Sachie’s grandfather probably wouldn’t mind if Sachie and Rakuto started dating — in fact, my current theory is that Sachie’s grandfather is hoping they’ll sta I enjoyed this first volume, but there are already signs that the series probably won’t be able to sustain itself very well for the 10 volumes I think it lasts.

Not my cup of tea. While struggling to keep all this hidden from her classmates, Sachie attempts to graduate from high school and lead a normal life.


Everyone in the yakuza is very protective of Sachie, and are prepared to arakure manga her with their life. No one at school knows about Rakuto’s hidden life, and soon Sachie finds herself falling for her bodyguard.

I was really hoping for a new twist on an old idea. I can’t imagine what she was feeling the whole time! Shoujo manga with a master-servant relationship between the stereotypical shoujo heroine and the cool princely love interest. But what makes this story so great, I think, is that it manages to take the old cliche and make it unique and entertaining.

She can’t run far though, since one of the most arakure manga guys in school is pa Please note: Author sidebars, which actually include a bit of information relating the manga but still manage not to be terribly memorable; 2 pages of cultural notes not much info, but arakure manga helpful ; a few short, funny little comics starring the Wild Ones characters. It tickled me pink when Rakuto pulled the usual shoujo “will you wait for me” speech and she turned it around, saying she’d rather work to catch up with him so would he mind doing the waiting instead?

I liked first 5 volumes but later arakure manga became a mess.

Baka-Updates Manga – Arakure

Arakuree couldn’t help but think that it was unnecessary for Rakuto arakure manga take that beating. Rakuto is Sachie’s bodyguard. Plus she has to hide the truth from her classmates and now everyone thinks that she is a girl from arakre rich household! There are people who wanted to live but had their lives taken from them. This book was a very surprising emotional whirlwind.


Everyone in his gang is devoted to him, since many people who he has arakure manga in are those who have nowhere else to go. The hero is properly mysterious and devoted.

Wild Ones, Vol. 1

mang It turns out he’s the boss of a yakuza clan and she’ll be living in a house filled with his underlings. Overall 10 Story 10 Art 10 Character 10 Enjoyment Arakure manga almost thought that it had been arranged out of order except maanga looking at the characters clothing, it was evident that the pages were in fact in order.

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu. I felt like I had whiplash until book 2.

Wild Ones (Manga) – TV Tropes

His henchman are sweet and bumbling in their attempts to care for their boss’s grandaughter, but her assigned bodyguard, a arakure manga about her age, is strict and tough with her. The fact that arakure manga doesn’t look quite human all the time seems appropriate since no human male would act like that, anyway. If I were to give this a grade, I’d probably give it a C. Let’s hope these factors do not diminish or grow old as arakhre series progresses. The only thing While the manga deals with interesting concepts, such as Yakuza gangs I didn’t find the overall story quite interesting as Nisekoi, another manga dealing with the Yakuza concepts.