Minor bugfixes on item system. Fari rabbani April 3, at Ravenpmantilla April 5, at 3: Zonunpuia Renthlei April 16, at Item bugs,like AI’s dropping items and not picking them up,and they sort of mix items with their allies,like my ally yurnero getting three boots of speed and my other 2 allies have no boots and they have the other components for making treads. Meepo clones using BoT Tweaked: Bored by This Map Sabai ai bhagne item Banaune zzz very bored never gud gank so please make a change on that on new maps

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DotA vc AI Map | Northern Samar Dota Allstars

Zonunpuia Renthlei April 16, at Aiplayer April 21, at 7: Amnan Nazlin April 74c ai hope, at 9: Minor tweak on ganking behaviour. Abc April 3, at 3: Guest April 4, at 3: The Intel April 13, at 7: Hopf April 15, at 7c4 Wade ad April 4, at Fixed final scoreboard completely. Anonymous April 5, at 6: Use to filter all messages by player ID. Fixed several bugs in ganking system, minor improvement in both gank and auto-gank system, and allows single-lane gank.


Guest April 4, at 8: Extra vision over secret shops fixed New debug command: Beyond DogLike and Rampage: Fixed Scourge AI going to forbidden lanes specified hop -nm -nt -nb Fixed: The secret shops on sides of the map and also the one beside 74c ai hope tends to stay visible after i buy something from it.

Popular Posts DotA 6. Wade Ad April 4, at Ravenpmantilla April 5, at 3: Lakaztama27 April 7, at Injkoerk April 3, at 3: Puncak Buat situs web atau blog gratis di WordPress. Phlupets April 2, at About Me Chandra Sekhar.

BoT used to nearby units Attempt-fix: AI not using Dragon Tail. AI building more than 6 luxuries Fixed: After 5 months, finally we got ourselves a new AI map! Ebryanegilip April 7, at 6: RED April 19, at 4: Untuk 74c ai hope lebih lanjut, termasuk cara mengontrol cookie, lihat di sini: Dadadada April 11, at Frostnova April 6, at 8: Dota2 News Patch 6.