If you have problems downloading 3DMark Vantage Build 1. Trusted by gamers worldwide to give accurate and unbiased results, 3DMark Vantage consistently and reliably tests your PC’s DirectX 10 performance under game-like loads. You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Benchmark scores are not affected. If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info? X2 – The Threat bench.

3dmark vantage 1.1.0

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3dmark vantage 1.1.0

ATI Catalyst Vista 7. Four presets, a new feature, vastly augments the variety of PCs that can be tested with the product. This test consists almost entirely of moving objects – spaceships, fighters, missiles and asteroids.

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If you’re building a PC or looking for some kind of graphics subsystem upgrade, you need to take a serious look at this tool. Download 3DMark Vantage 1. The app’s benchmark presets offer a convenient way of scaling the load to provide relevant results for all levels of hardware. Error messages have been improved, and various bugs have been fixed.

After the installation, 3DMark Vantage may ask you again for your serial key. Read the editor’s review.


3DMark Vantage

The workload is parallelized, and will take advantage of multi-core CPUs if available. Benchmark scores are not affected by this update. Jane Nash – Graphics test 1 Watch super agent and go-to gal Jane Nash as she escapes from a secret island lair in this action packed scene. We have made changes in the product editions to better serve our customers. You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue.

The Trial version will deliver a 3DMark Vantage score and allow vanntage submission of a result into the Online Results Browser, but, will require upgrading to the Basic Version for benchmarkers who want to use it for an unlimited number of runs.

Performance similar to Intel Pentium D 3. This DirectX10 benchmark is shipping in four editions: This DirectX10 benchmark is shipping in four editions:. If you have previously installed the 1.

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3dmark vantage 1.1.0

Also, check your firewall settings, because some mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referrers. Join our mailing list Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more. X2 – The Threat bench.

3dmark vantage 1.1.0

Paid editions are expensive and have limited consumer use Conclusion: New Calico – Graphics test 2 Space explodes with action as the Damocles leads a devatsting assault on the planet New Calico. Anytime Last week Last month Last 6 months Last year. Release Notes for 3DMark Vantage v. In other words, to get a score using the “High” and “Extreme” presets, a widescreen display is required.


While the Basic edition of this tool is free, the paid versions are a bit pricey, and the tool in general has limited appeal from a consumer point of view, unless, again, you’re building a PC or looking to upgrade.

Run the installer, and follow the instructions on screen. Internet Explorer 11 It includes two graphics tests, two CPU tests and six feature tests. A new full install for 3DMark Vantage Build 1.

Release Notes for 3DMark Vantage v1. A commercial license enables you to use the benchmark for business purposes, including testing for performance, standards compliance 3dmaark stability.